Distance by road from the Lodge: 1.0 miles.
Distance by river from the Lodge: mile upstream.
Beat situation: South side - Right bank
Beat Length: Approx. 7/8 mile.


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Section 1

Beat Map: (click here to view)

           When you arrive at Ballinaroone, you park on the grass lay-by beside the gate which marks the Bottom Limit of the Beat (do not block the gate), and go over the stile beside the gate at the entrance to the field.  Do not cross the fence under the trees.  From here, you can walk all the way up the fields, or along the dike (earth wall) along the river bank.  Alternatively, you can drive on a little further to the first gate on the right, park discreetly either side of the gate so as not to block the entrance, & walk down the track, which brings you to the river just below the Sunken Weir.
The Top Boundary is at the hedge opposite the white cottage & the wall on the opposite bank.  It is also indicated by a sign which says Private Fishing.  Just opposite, there is a white ~X~ painted on the Wall on the far bank.  Standing near the Boundary, spinning can be effective when fish are running - the depth here being 4-5 feet.  The run then flows into the Forge Pool, where for a short distance on the far side the depth goes down to 8'.  The river then flows into the Wall Pool, with the stone wall overlooking the main run of the water which is along the far side.  There is a gentle sloping gravel beach on our side & easy wading.  Floated shrimp is particularly effective here, and is also worth spinning.  Worming is difficult due to the rocky bottom.  The depth is about 7 feet along the wall as far as the grassy promontory on the far bank with the small back-eddy below it. 

            At this point, it shallows to about 4-5 feet, & continues at this depth all along the glide towards the sunken weir.  Flanking this stretch on the far side is a high stony bank.  With a ripple on the surface, this straight can fish superbly with a fly, especially down towards the Basket & the Sunken Weir.  It is also good for spinning, worming & floated & spun shrimp especially down to the Weir, as well as alongside and below it.  All down the straight and down to the Weir, wading is very easy, as the gravel bottom gently slopes to the deepest part about two thirds of the way out from our side.  The depth varies from 4-5 feet, but be careful here not to wade too deep, as the fish will lie closer then you think towards our side.
The Sunken Weir runs out from our side, two thirds of the way across with a few bricks and rocks around it creating lies and snags.  Just above the weir, the deepest part has many large rocks which cause many snags.  Worming is difficult here, but can nevertheless be very productive.  Fish hard the stretch from the tree on the far bank about 50 m above the weir  down to below the weir, as it is a very productive spot with all methods.  You can wade well down below the Weir to fish the stream & pool which lies just off the far bank.  Eventually, it gets too deep, even for chest wading. 

            Below the Weir, the river begins to spread out into the Castle Flat.  This is a long even glide with water about 5 feet deep.  There is no wading at all along this stretch, & fishing is all off the bank.  It is good for spinning & worming in high water, especially if you can fish to showing fish.  Floating the shrimp can also be very productive, even very close under our bank, & especially at the Oak Tree. Towards the tail of the flat below the end of the trees on the opposite bank, the water begins to speed up where there is a grassy beach & gravel spit on the opposite bank.  This is an excellent place especially for spinning with a short cast, fishing from our side to the middle in medium/high water, when fish are running.  The deepest part runs close to our bank, and it is very shallow on the far side.  Spinning the shrimp is also good here. 

            The river is then pushed out by a stone & grass beach towards the far bank, & then narrows as it passes the badly eroded bank and the Lime Tree on the far side.  This is an excellent place for the fly & spinner.  From just above the Lime Tree and on down into the Road Pool below, fly fishing & float fished shrimp are excellent.  It also fishes very well with spinner, spun shrimp & worm. The main current & depth here is to be found near the far side, varying from 3-6 feet.  After the Lime Tree, the current begins to slow down towards the slower deeper corner where the Road Pool marks the Bottom Boundary.  You can wade well down towards the Road Pool along the edge of the current, though watch out for a couple of large rocks just below the beach.