Distance by road from the Lodge: 26 miles.
Distance by river from the Lodge: Approx. 30 miles upstream of the Lodge.
Beat situation: North side - Left bank
Beat Length: Approx. 1 mile.


Section 1

Beat Map: (click here to view)

            Turn left off the Mallow road at the entrance to the John A. Woods quarry, and follow the quarry road down the hill to where it swings right towards the Quarry Reception Office & parking.  Park in the quarry car park just to the left of the office which is in the centre of the road. Walk back about 50 m and turn right onto the track to the right of the farm buildings & the spoil heap.  Follow the track around to the right & then left along the fence. Follow the path between the spoil heap and the woods.  When you have gone past the wood, take the path through the gap in the fence to the right over the ditch & down across the field on the path leading straight down towards the river.

            The top boundary of the beat is just up to the right, just below the rock in the water known as the "Button", which is about 15 feet out from our bank, under the overhanging trees.   Around the Button, the water is deep (up to 8 feet in places) and between the edge of the slack & the current is a superb taking spot for the floated shrimp in low water, and also for the worm.  Please ensure that you do NOT fish above the Button, as you are going into the private beat above. 

            The Button Flat cannot be waded as the bank shelves off sharply from the edge.  After this pool, the water becomes shallower and evens out into a nice flat, where a running fish will rest after travelling the fast stream below.  The flat can be fished well with in higher water with a spinner or with worm, but has a number of rocks to snag on. 

            The water then necks in and forms a "V" and speeds up into a fast run called the "New Stream".  This is a perfect spot for the fly, worm or spinner and varies from 4 to 5  feet deep in places in normal conditions.  The deepest run is under the far bank, & the best lie towards the tail of the stream.  The "New Stream" is easily wadable.

            After the "New Stream" the river flows into a flat, where the river widens out & deepens to 5 to 6 feet of slower water, excellent for the shrimp, spinner and the worm in higher water.  This stretch is flanked by trees on our bank, but gaps have been cut to facilitate access.  From here, the river begins to speed up in the "Key Stream".  This glide is excellent for spinning for running fish. It then flows around a slight bend where it is narrowed by a grassy island on the far bank.  This forms a stream known as "The Limestones", excellent for the fly, worm and spinner.  Spun shrimp is also good here, as is floated shrimp towards the tail of the stream.  The depth varies between 3 to 6 feet and only the tail of the "Key Stream" is wadable.

            Below this, the river slows considerably and also deepens - up to 5 or 6 feet in places - at the "Cot Hole".  Float fished shrimp and worm are the most effective baits here, fished out under the trees on the far bank down to the dead tree in the water.  Below the dead tree, fish lie anywhere from the middle to the far side.  The river then swings around a slight bend into a quite fast stream at "Upper Carrahulta".  At the head of this stream is a good flat for spinning and worming, then the river narrows with a small gravel island on our side.  This forces the water into Carrahulta, a fast stream with a gravel beach on our bank.  Wading is easy on the gravel and the depth varies from 2 to 6 feet.  This is a superb stream for the fly, & also for spinning in higher water.   It then flows into the deep pool overlooked by the cliff face on the far bank.

            Where the stream hits the rocks, the water is 10 - 11 feet in depth, & fish can lie close in our side, & also in the back eddy on the far side.  Floated shrimp & worm, & spinning are best here - worm fished on the bottom is good but there are many snags.  As you move towards the high cliff, float fish at about 6-8 feet until you come to where there are a couple of spindly trees sticking out from the cliff, just above the 2 caves, where the bottom falls away up to 12 feet in depth.  Because the pool is slow and deep, the floated shrimp & worm are the most effective baits, and they are easily fished from the gravel beach on our side.  Deep spinning can sometimes take fish as well.  Wading is not recommended as the bottom drops away very quickly.

            After this pool, the river cuts right under the far bank into a narrow deep gully overhung by trees, which has to be fished very cautiously as the fish lie very close.  It is best fished with the floated shrimp or worm, taking care of the nasty snags at the head of the gully.  After the gully,  the river flows into another good fly stream known as "The Ladder".  Wading is not as easy due to the uneven bottom.  It goes to 4-6 feet deep and as well as the fly, both the worm and spinner are effective here.  Below this stream down to the bottom boundary, the depth drops down to 6/7 feet in places and the worm and shrimp fish well here.              The bottom boundary is marked by the hedge.