2009 Photo Gallery for August - Page 6

August 19

Jonathan Dymock (UK) - 14.0lb sea-liced (left)
Taken on spinner on Beat 1 - Ballygally
Bill Bettridge (Canada)  - 7.2lb sea-liced (right)
His First Ever!
Taken on spinner on Beat 3 - Ballinaroone
August 21

One for the Jamardo party - 12.4lb.
Taken on their first day fishing and with a dirty flood.
Taken on spinner on the Jole at Lower Kilmurry.
August 28

John Purslow (r) - 16.3lb.
The Best of Season so far!
Simon Ramery (l) - 11.7lb.   
Both taken on spinner on Beat 8 - Ballyhooly Bridge.

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