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Fishy Fishing Fishy Fishing is a full featured fishing community and resource centre for both members and website owners alike, everyone is invited to become a member of the Fishy Fishing community. Membership is 100% free! As a member you're able to post, interact and have access to extra features like your member account area were you can personalize your profile.
Irish Angling Forum is dedicated towards Game, Sea, and Coarse fishing in Ireland. It is built on the contributions of its forum members. We welcome all anglers to join the forum, to discuss about fishing and enjoy their stay.
Northern Ireland Trout Angler The Number 1 Resource for the Northern Ireland Game Angler.
 Talk Angling and Fishing Chat

The busiest angling chat forum in the UK with over 3000 unique visitors every day.

Traditions Pŕche French Fishing Forum. Forum en franšais.